Mrs Murphy

“Leopard dress and high heels is a must for Mrs. Murphy, she regards Toulouse-Lautrec as her darling and Bloody Mary as one of the good things in life”.

For Mrs. Murphy each task and each collection is unique, whereby originality and handicraft become important catchwords. She works with patterns, colours and forms, the role of which are to embellish existence. No objection if they also make us give a little smile.

The pattern is applied on everything from wallpapers to cutting boards, to dish clothes, to earrings, in order to form a whole and an own, little world. Because we have always wished to match our earrings with our wallpaper, haven’t we…?

Several of Mrs. Murphy´s wallpapers have been acquired by the Nordic Museum to be included in their permanent wallpaper collection and to be handed down to posterity. Her products can be found and admired in hotels all over the world.

“Mrs Murphy´s world is a cocktail party to which you, as a client, have a permanent invitation”.

Mrs Murphy collections

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