Helena Svensson

Helena is born and raised in Kalmar, Sweden, but since 5 years she lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated at Beckman’s School of Design in May 2009. Before that, Helena has studied spatial design and Design of Information.

She mostly works with furniture and product design but have also come to work and focus on patterns, an interest that always have been there: “I have a great love for textiles and often think textile in my way to work“.

Ever since Helena was a kid she has been creative; this is her way to comment, change or just air her thoughts. Her style is often simple, playful and full of expression. Helena finds inspiration in stories and people, how we see stuff, each other and create our own stories. She wants to create tiny stories but also air her own. Her inspiration can also come from an old piece of fabric, a rag rug, a facade, or the nature itself.

Helena Svensson collections

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