About Mairo

In our own printing plant we print not only totally new patterns each season, but also variations of our former successful textiles. In that way you can live a long time with your Mairo textiles, you can combine and add when you are in the mood. Because we give shape and produce all our products under our own management, the time between idea and ready product is very short. That also gives us possibilities to prepare tailor-made products in relatively small amounts, such as a changed printing colour combination, new cushion shape, etc. – just to meet the particular client’s demands for unique solutions.

Mairo fabrics originate from traditional and genuine handicraft and all of them are printed at our own printing plant in Narva, Estonia. The colours are weighed and mixed by hand, then poured, also manually, into the 18-metre long printing machine. Each step of the process, from light exposure to laying patterns on the printing mats, is done by hand, with perfect precision and feeling. After printing, every single metre of the printed fabric is inspected, before it is carefully rolled up.

Since we mix our colours ourselves, we have the chance to produce the exact colour and the exact tint we wish to get. The colours, from colour paste to ready colour, are water-based and environmentally friendly. At the same time we are still looking for new and even more environmentally friendly solutions. We always print whole roles of fabrics consisting of natural fibres, such as pure linen, half-linen and pure cotton.

Welcome to Mairo!